open | close


flee, fraught, flight
turn and turn once
I scold my former feeling
I let all the parts that made language fade away

I haven’t spoken in so long

cracked the spine
written the pages
burnt the book

after the lapse

comes the burning light

for our house is the corner of our world
and the space we inhabit is our house
we fill the space
thought, reverie, dream, memory
the past that imbues
the future that seeps
the contents
the matter
and the shadows

for as long as our blood runs within us 

words are slow
yet, I mean for them to continue producing
from my tongue, they slip
and disappear before any notice
get a hold, break
everything is so vague and cold
lines and lines and lines 
it’s all that
wish for a hurricane
to fuck away everything you think that you need
and to not sleep
but wreck into our dreams 


The underlining principles to wholeness 

I look around

I repaint

I’ll carve my soul

and hope for better

Everything in front of us, is another chance